Our Story?

Edge Financial Group is an Authorised Financial Services Provider, specialising in Individual- and Group Portfolio Management. The company was founded by Edward Colin Gutsche (the Managing Director). By 2001, Edward Gutsche had acquired total shareholding of the ever-growing business.

Due to the changing nature of the financial services sector, with regards to the Financial Services Board, accreditation over the past 18 years, Edge has been extremely fortunate in our ease at complying with the new legislation. Not only were we the first company in the Eastern Cape to become fully compliant with the new FAIS legislation, but we were also able to enter the market at a time when upfront commission structures were becoming an extremely contentious issue. This development has been one of the driving factors behind the five acquisitions that we have made over the past 10 years. The majority of financial consultants have still not realised that fee’s play an integral part of the ongoing service to the client as clients are not willing to pay fees to someone they never see. One of our strengths is that we do not work purely on an upfront fee based system. Our fees are spread over the period of the client’s investment. This ensures that we work harder, stay in contact with the client and provide all of our clients with more updates and reports than our opposition.

When we first opened in September 2001, we offered only the basic financial services but as our business grew so did our product offering and list of financial service providers. Edge has also grown our client, product and service provider base. We currently have over 100 small, medium and large companies on our client list and R1 billion in direct Assets under Management.

One other first is that we are the only Port Elizabeth based company to have our Category 1 and Category 2 Asset Management License.

Our clients can feel assured to know that Edge Financial Group is audited by Moonstone for FAIS (Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services) and FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliance. Included in our compliance procedures are quarterly external audits to ensure that the highest standards of investment advice and ethics are maintained. We also adhere strictly to all FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) regulations.

Edge Financial Group does not accept any client funds into our business account. We are an independent brokerage company that is able to provide investment advice based on research material that we have access to via the various financial institutions. Investments are placed through us; however, cash is transferred by means of Debit Order, directly to the investment house. We are thus able to monitor clients’ investments and fine-tune their portfolios to keep up with the constantly changing market trends.

FSP 7892 | FSP 45840

A little about us

At Edge, we do not underestimate the power of vision. We believe that one of our greatest achievements lies in the Quality of our Service. Our motto is "Keeping the end in mind", this does not only apply to our investment principles and future planning principles, but also to our principles regarding service, and what we can uniquely offer our clients.