Money Market

Private banking is a type of monetary service that provides highly personalized attention to a select list of clients. Typically available to those with extensive assets, private banking is meant as a means of managing, investing, and planning the use of large fortunes.

Since many wealthy patrons desire a degree of anonymity in their banking transactions, high security and strict confidentiality rules are often an important part of private banking.

How will you benefit?

Here at Edge Financial Group we act as your agent, this enables us to transact on Corporate Cash Manager on your behalf and provide you with the following:

  • Personalized service
  • A dedicated administrative team that supports Corporate Cash Manager
  • Attractive money market interest rates
  • No transactional charges other than those related to cash deposits or other unusual transactions
  • Call accounts, notice deposits and other dynamic products such as the Private Money Fund
  • Term deposits ranging from two days to 365 days

A little about us

At Edge, we do not underestimate the power of vision. We believe that one of our greatest achievements lies in the Quality of our Service. Our motto is "Keeping the end in mind", this does not only apply to our investment principles and future planning principles, but also to our principles regarding service, and what we can uniquely offer our clients.