The Missionvale Care Centre operates in the extremely poor informal shackland of Missionvale Port Elizabeth. Founded by Sister Ethol Normoyle, it has grown into a centre which provides love and care for the poor and destitute, with particular emphasis on those living with HIV/AIDS.


In 2000, the South African Marine Rehabilitation and Education Centre (SAMREC), a non-profit organisation, was formed mainly to care for sick or injured African penguins because of their vulnerability; now we see our work as vital, particularly as St Croix island in our bay is now the biggest breeding colony in the world.

Cheshire Homes

Opened in 1975, Cheshire Homes caters for the chronically physically disabled adults who come to live their lives there, either by choice, or because of circumstances beyond their control. Our residents range from the ages of 18 onwards.

Animal Welfare

The animal welfare society is the only animal society in Port Elizabeth which operates as a pound, offering a safe place for all kinds of unwanted, lost or abandoned animals. This shelter runs catteries, kennels and also has facilities for livestock such as donkeys, horses, cattle, goats and sheep; and other animals and birds. They have accepted any animal brought to them, and also run a 24hour service to deal with the many cases of cruelty and neglect which are reported to them.

A little about us

At Edge, we do not underestimate the power of vision. We believe that one of our greatest achievements lies in the Quality of our Service. Our motto is "Keeping the end in mind", this does not only apply to our investment principles and future planning principles, but also to our principles regarding service, and what we can uniquely offer our clients.