Who is Edge Financial Group?

Edge Financial Group is an Independent Financial Services company specializing in individual and group portfolio management, short term insurance, retirement fund, financial and medical aid advice. Since inception, our clients have always been top priority.

One of our strongest features is that we have a relevant specialist for each specific service that we provide. For us, the trust relationship that we build with our clients highlights the principles and values that we aspire to in our business and this has continued client loyalty and support which has allowed our firm to grow rapidly by reputation.

FSP 7892 | FSP 45465 | FSP 45840


What do we provide?

At Edge, we do not underestimate the power of vision. We believe that our greatest achievements lie in these four elements:

Quality Service

At Edge, we pride ourselves in the high quality service we offer our clients, not just with regards to growth or money but through respect and our ability to make our clients happy.


We believe that it is extremely important to maintain a climate conducive to positive ethical attitudes that our clients can rely and trust in.

Specialised Knowledge

Through the collaboration of our highly trained experts, we identify prospects and determine the best possible ways to achieve the most profitable outcome for our clients.

Competitive "Edge"

Our team assist in creating superior customer value that we believe will sustain a competitive "Edge" in the eyes of our customers for years to come.

A little about us

At Edge, we do not underestimate the power of vision. We believe that one of our greatest achievements lies in the Quality of our Service. Our motto is "Keeping the end in mind", this does not only apply to our investment principles and future planning principles, but also to our principles regarding service, and what we can uniquely offer our clients.